3 D OpenTeam Sorting
3DOTS call (985)516-7507
5 shows to qualify for finals


$25 a ride

10 ride limit

Youth and adult sorting classes for cow horse enthusiasts.


Welcome to 3 D Open Team Sorting.

We offer Ranch Sorting ,  Open Arena Sorting, and 3 Man 2 Gate in a three division format. In this format we have no need for ratings. You are allowed to ride with any rider combination regardless of experience level, age, or gender.  The whole family can compete together and still have a chance to win cash and prizes.


1)  Every team entered  is put into the shuffle to make up the first go round. Once the round is completed, the teams are listed from best run to lowest run (most cows sorted  in the least time to least cows sorted in slowest time). Teams that do not sort are out.

2)  Now  if you have a three  division class divide that list by three.  The top ten teams from each division go to the second go round to compete against those other nine teams in that division. The two go rounds are cumulative.

3)  Places are paid out to the winners of each division.

  For 2018, we will have 5 producers offering 11 total shows.  You will be required to attend 5 shows during the year to be eligible for finals.

The regular shows will be held in Bogalusa, LA; Madden, MS;  Poplarville, MS;  Rayville, LA; Vancleve, Ms, and Amite, LA. 



The top point earner in each class will receive a buckle.  The top overall point earner (for all classes combined) will win a Todd Jeyes saddle.  (Show producers are ineligible for awards.)


1-25 TEAMS IN A CLASS                                          26-50 TEAMS IN A CLASS

1D PAYS 1ST                                                                 1D PAYS 1ST AND 2ND

2D PAYS 1ST                                                                 2D PAYS 1ST AND 2ND

51-100 TEAMS IN A CLASS                                     101-175 TEAMS IN A CLASS

1D PAYS 1ST AND 2ND                                               1D PAYS 1ST,2ND AND 3RD

2D PAYS 1ST AND 2ND                                                2D PAYS 1ST,2ND AND 3RD

3D  PAYS 1ST AND 2ND                                               3D PAYS 1ST 2ND AND 3RD

176-250 TEAMS IN A CLASS                              250 + TEAMS IN A CLASS     

1D PAYS 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD                                     1D PAYS 1ST,2ND,3RD, AND 4TH

2D PAYS 1ST, 2ND,AND 3RD                                       2D PAYS 1ST, 2ND,3RD, AND 4TH

3D PAYS 1ST, 2ND,AND 3RD                                       3D PAYS 1ST, 2ND,3RD, AND 4TH

4D PAYS 1ST,2ND, AND 3RD                                        4D PAYS 1ST, 2ND,3RD,AND 4TH