3 D OpenTeam Sorting
3DOTS call (985)516-7507
You must ride 5 shows to qualify for finals

$25 a ride

10 ride limit

Show Results



Madden, MS


Ranch Sorting Winners

1D  1st:  Troy Crain, Dustin Johnson

1D  2nd:  Dustin Johnson, Abby Yates

1D 3rd:  Troy Crain, Kim Bradshaw

2D  1st:  Cody King, Jace Clayton

2D  2nd:  Abby Yates, Chad Morrow

2D 3rd:  Kevin Chunn, Troy Crain

3D  1st:  LeeAnn Johnson, Carrie Dean

3D  2nd:   Laurie Shannon, Blake Chiasson

3D 3rd:  Colby Strickland, Jamie Strickland

Youth Ranch Sorting Winners

1D Jacob Otwell, Klaire Kraemer

2D  Sam Yates, Maddy Anderson


3 Man 2 Gate Sorting

1D 1st Dustin Johnson, Bobby Atwood, Tina Johnson

1D 2nd: Van Clayton, Dustin Johnson, Tina Johnson

2D 1st: Steve Anderson, Ricky Thaggard, Trace Taylor

2D 2nd:  Chris Sullivan, Harold Smith, Walter Tedesco

3D 1st:  Alexis Tedesco, Clancy Cleveland, Jerry Cleveland

3D 2nd:  Kevin Chunn, Blake Chiasson, Marco Patrick


Rayville, LA

Ranch Sorting Winners

1D 1st: Justin McMillan, Charlene Sullivan

1D 2nd: Chad Morrow, Reese Taylor

1D 3rd: Troy Crain, Billy Adcock

2D 1st:  Van Clayton, Mark Yates

2D 2nd: Doug Sullivan, Chad Morrow

2D 3rd:  Kelli Clayton, Chris Sullivan

3D 1st:  Abby Yates, Chris Sullivan

3D 2nd: Addie Culp, Kim Bradshaw

3D 3rd: Larry Pettit, Chris Mitchell


1D 1st:  Dawn Chiasson, James Dunn, Walter Tedesco

1D 2nd:  Billy Adcock, Mark Yates, Walter Tedesco

2D 1st: Cecil Leonard, Chris Sullivan, Kelli Clayton

2D 2nd:  Doug Sullivan, Chad Culp, Betsy Culp


Madden MS 

3 man 2 gate

1d 1st Walter Tedesco, Blake Chiasson, Lavon Stringer

1d 2nd Teresa Reynolds,Mark Yates,Ron Dufour

2d 1st Kelli Clayton, Candy Crain, Lavon Stringer

2d 2nd Steven Anderson, Candy Anderson, Clancy Cleveland

3d 1st Trace Taylor,Steven Anderson, Payton Anderson

3d 2nd Van Clayton, Cody King, Mike King

Open 2 man Ranch Sorting

1d 1st  Marco Patrick, Trace Taylor

1d 2nd  Blake Chiasson, Mark Yates

1d 3rd  Steven Anderson, James Dunn

2d 1st Lauryn Bonvillian, Laurie Shannon

2d 2nd Cody King, James Dunn

2d 3rd Mark McMillian,Steven Anderson

3d 1st Payton Anderson, Billy Adcock

3d 2n Mark McMillian, Trace Taylor

3d 3rd Dara Lewis, Lynn Shelton

5/13/17           Bogalusa, LA

                    4 Man 3 Gate

                           1D 1st Place:  Troy Crain, Candy Crain, Walter Tedesco, Trace Taylor

                           2D 1st Place:  Troy Crain, Danny Menge, Will Crain, Candy Crain

                           3 Man 2 Gate Class

                          1D 1st Place: Walter Tedesco, Ron Dufour, Lavonne Stringer

                          1D 2nd Place:  Crista Hartenstein, Lavonne Stringer, Candy Crain

                          2D 1st Place:  Trace Taylor, Lynn Shelton, Troy Crain

                         2D 2nd Place:  Van Clayton, Kelli Clayton, Troy Crain

                         Youth Ranch Sorting Class

                         1D Winners:  Madison Hernandez and Sam Yates

                         2D Winners:  Madison Hernandez and Klaire Kraemer

                          Ranch Sorting Class  

                         1D 1st Place:  Jeremy Barbour and Vicki Walker

                         1D 2nd Place:  Brandon D'Albor and Tara Wilson

                         1D  3rd Place:  Billy Adcock and Trace Taylor

                         2D 1st Place:  Brandon D'Albor and Abby Yates

                         2D 2nd Place:  Candy Crain and Crista Hartenstein

                         2D 3rd Place:  Blake Chiasson and Laurie Shannon

                        3D 1st Place:  Candy Crain and Steve LeBlanc

                        3D 2nd Place:  Tara Wilson and Trace Taylor

                        3D 3rd Place:  Kellie Clayton and Walter Tedesco



May 27           Madden, MS

                          3 Man 1 Gate Class  

                      1D 1st Place:  Clancy Cleveland, Payton Anderson, Trace Taylor

                      2D 1st Place:  Scotty McPhail, Jamie Strickland, Steven Anderson

                      3 Man 2 Gate Class 

                      1D 1st Place:  Charlene Sullivan, Laurie Shannon, Chris Sullivan

                      1D 2nd Place:  Marco Patrick, Dustin Johnson, Van Clayton

                      2D 1st Place:  Jamie Strickland, Doug Sullivan, Dustin Johnson

                      2D 2nd Place:  Jerry Cleveland, Clancy Cleveland, Payton Anderson

                      3D 1st Place: Charlene Sullivan, Chris Sullivan, Doug Sullivan

                      3D 2nd Place:  Troy Crain, Candy Crain, Barbara Sanders

                      Youth Ranch Sorting Class

                      1D Winners: Sam Yates and Maggie Whitt

                      2D Winners:  Grady Sudbeck and Maggie Whitee

                      Ranch Sorting Class

                      1D 1st Place: Steven Anderson and Ricky Thaggard

                      1D 2nd Place: Reece Raylor and Marco Patrick

                      2D 1st Place: Cody King and Troy Crain

                      2D 2nd Place:  Van Clayton and Marco Patrick

                     3D 1st Place:  Steven Anderson and Clancy Cleveland

                     3D 2nd Place:  Candy Crain and Laurie Shannon


June 10       Bogalusa, LA

4 Man 3 Gate Class:

1D 1st Place:  Troy Crain, Candy Crain, Blake Chiasson, Trace Taylor

2D 1st Place:  Kevin Chunn, Donnie Kreamer, Candy Crain, Klaire Kreamer

3 Man Open Arena Class:

1D 1st Place:  Ron Dufour, Troy Crain, Van Clayton

1D 2nd Place:  Van Clayton, Lavonne Stringer, Lisa Diez

2D 1st Place:  Billy Adcock, Troy Crain, Trace Taylor

2D 2nd Place:  Lavonne Stringer, Van Clayton, Kelli Clayton

Ranch Sorting Class:

1D 1st Place:  Trace Taylor, Donnie Kreamer

1D 2nd Place:  Steven Anderson, Lauryn Bonvillian

1D 3rd Place:  Klaire Kreamer, Abby Yates

2D 1st Place:  Lavonne Stringer, Walter Tedesco

2D 2nd Place:  Kelli Clayton, Van Clayton

2D 3rd Place: Walter Tedesco, Lauryn Bonvillian

3D 1st Place:  Van Clayton, Troy Crain

3D 2nd Place:  Billy Adcock, Sandy Sanders

3D 3rd Place: Troy Crain, Steve LeBlanc


July 8               Poplarville, MS

3 Man 2 Gate:

1D 1st:  Troy Crain, Jace Clayton, Crista Hartenstein

1D 2nd:  Chris Sullivan, Doug Sullivan, Jace Clayton

2D 1st:  Ron Dufour, Chris Sullivan, Doug Sullivan

2D 2nd:  Klaire Kreamer, Danetta Comeaux, Kevin Chunn

Ranch Sorting:

1D 1st:  Troy and Candy Crain

1D 2nd:  Darra Lewis and Klaire Kreamer

1D 3rd:  Jeremy Barbour and Jill Bessetti

2D 1st:  Klaire Kreamer and Troy Crain

2D 2nd:  Candy Crain and Kevin Chunn

2D 3rd:  Lauryn Bonvillian and Vicki Walker

3D 1st:  Troy Crain and Van Clayton

3D 2nd:  Brandy Cello and Van Clayton

3D 3rd:  Klaire Kreamer and Laurie Shannon


July 29                                    Amite, La       Summer Bash

3 Man Open Arena

1D 1st:  Dustin Johnson, Carrie Dean, James Dunn

1D 2nd:  Doug Sullivan, Dustin Johnson, Chris Sullivan

2D 1st:  Blake Chiasson, Chris Sullivan, Doug Sullivan

2D 2nd: Doug Sullivan, Troy Crain, Chris Sullivan

3D 1st:  Danetta Comeaux, Briana Hebert, Lynn Shelton

3D 2nd:  Dana Woodward, Kevin Chunn, Chris Brian

3 Man 2 Gate

1D 1st:  Dustin Johnson, LeeAnn Johnson, Carrie Dean

1D 2nd:  Clancy Cleveland, Steven Anderson, Payton Anderson

1D 3rd:  Dustin Johnson, Bobby Atwood, Carrie Dean

2D 1st:  Dustin Johnson, Bobby Atwood, LeeAnn Johnson

2D 2nd:  Candy Anderson, Melvin Hebert, Ron Dufor

2D 3rd:  Chris Brian, Reece Taylor, Tara Wilson

3D 1st:  Mark Yates, Marco Patrick, Jace Clayton

3D 2nd:  Tara Wilson, Kevin Chunn, James Riley

3D 3rd:  Lynn Shelton, Scooter Madison, Chris Brian

Ranch Sorting:

1D 1st:  Charlene Sullivan, Bobby Atwood

1D 2nd:  Chris Sullivan, Mark Yates

1D 3rd:  James Riley, Charlene Sullivan

2D 1st:  Trace Taylor, Candy Anderson

2D 2nd:  Darra Lewis, Vicki Walker

2D 3rd:  Kevin Chunn, Dawn Chiasson

3D 1st:  Marco Patrick, Bobby Atwood

3D 2nd:  Kevin Chunn, Chris Sullivan

3D 3rd:  James Riley, Vicki Walker 


August 19                            Poplarville, MS

3 Man 2 Gate Class:

1D 1st:  Steven Anderson, Trace Taylor, Payton Anderson

1D 2nd:  Van Clayton, Mark Yates, Danetta Comeaux

2D 1st:  Klaire Kreamer, Tara Wilson, Darra Lewis

2D 2nd:  Candy Crain, Troy Crain, Lavonne Stringer

3D 1st:  Lavonne Stringer, Ron Dufour, Candy Crain

3D 2nd:  Steven Anderson, Candy Anderson, Payton Anderson

Youth Class:

1D Klaire Kreamer, William Stermer

2D Klaire Kreamer, Seth Stermer

Ranch Sorting Class:

1D 1st:  Danny Menge, Billy Adcock

1D 2nd:  James Riley, Vicki Walker

1D 3rd:  Lavonne Stringer, Walter Tedesco

2D 1st:  Candy Crain, Marco Patrick

2D 2nd:  Billy Adcock, Marco Patrick

2D 3rd:  Lavonne Stringer, Marco Patrick

3D 1st:  Candy Anderson, Steven Anderson

3D 2nd:  Candy Crain, Van Clayton

3D 3rd:  Brandy Cella, Blake Chiasson


September 9        Bogalusa, LA

4 Man 3 Gate Class Winners:

1D 1st:  Troy Crain, Steven Anderson, Candy Crain, Ashley Barbour

2D 1st:  Blake Chiasson, Danny Menge, Walter Tedesco, Candy Anderson

3 Man Open Arena Winners:

1D 1st:  Kelli Clayon, Laurie Shannon, Lavonne Stringer

1D 2nd:  Trace Taylor, Mark McMillan, Marco Patrick

2D 1st:  Danetta Comeaux, Kelli Clayton, Lavonne Stringer

2D 2nd:  Steven Anderson, Tara Wilson, Terry Bradshaw

Youth Ranch Sorting Winners:

1D 1st:  Claire Martinez, Jacob Otwell

2D 1st:  Maggie Whitt, Klaire Kreamer

Ranch Sorting Winners:

1D 1st:  Mark Yates, Kelli Clayton

1D 2nd:  Lavonne Stringer, Candy Crain

1D 3rd:  Billy Adcock, Mark Yates

2D 1st:  Mark Yates, Marco Patrick

2D 2nd:  Steven Anderson, Terry Bradshaw

2D 3rd:  Kelli Clayton, Candy Crain

3D 1st:  Kelsey Walsdorf, Walter Tedesco

3D 2nd:  Chickie Knox, Lavonne Stringer

3D 3rd:  Marco Patrick, Chickie Knox

 October 14, 2017                   Bogalusa, LA

  3 Man 2 Gate Winners:

 1D 1st: Chad Morrow, Cody King, Troy Crain

1D 2nd:  Cody King, Lavonne Stringer, Mark Yates

2D 1st:  Lavonne Stringer, James Dunn, Kelli Clayton

2D 2nd:  Klaire Kreamer, Lynn Shelton, Marco Patrick

3 Man Open Arena Winners:

1D 1st:  Lavonne Stringer, James Dunn, Kelli Clayton

1D 2nd:  Candy Crain, Lavonne Stringer, Kelli Clayton

2D 1st:  Candy Crain, Laurie Shannon, Kelli Clayton

2D 2nd:  Mark Yates, Marco Patrick James Dunn

Youth Ranch Sorting Winners:

1D:  Maggy Whit and Klaire Kreamer

2D:  Maddy Anderson and Klaire Kreamer

Ranch Sorting Winners:

 1D 1st:  Cody King, Van Clayton

1D 2nd:  Mark McMillan, Steve Anderson

2D 1st:  Abby Yates, Mark Yates

2D 2nd:  Marco Patrick, Danny Menge

3D 1st:  James Riley, Danny Menge

3D 2nd:  Troy Crain, Chickie Knox