3 D OpenTeam Sorting
3DOTS call (985)516-7507
You must ride 5 shows to qualify for Finals.

$25 a ride

10 ride limit

Rule Book

  • The same team can only ride once per class.
  • No spotting of cows is allowed. (EXCEPT IN YOUTH)
  • For a cow to count as a good cow, the whole cow must cross the line.  If any part of the wrong numbered cow crosses the line or any part of the correctly sorted cows cross back, the team is disqualified.
  • If a cow is removed from a herd and replaced by another, the teams who already rode on the "bad cow" do not get a re-ride.
  • If a cow leaves the sorting arena or is trapped in the pannel or behind the tarp, only the team competiting at that time shall get a re-ride immediately.
  • If a cow should lie down during a ride and does not affect the outcome of that team's score, then there shall be no re-ride. If it does affect the ride the team has the option for reride immediately.
  • The producer has the final decision with disputes.  The judge should be consulted, but the producer's decision is final.  (This is mainly regarding removal of cows due to injury or non-workable.)
  • The judge has the right to warn and disqualify a team for unnecessary roughness of cattle.  When a ride is over, contestants are expected to immediately stop pursuing the cattle and walk cattle back for the next team.